Thinking Outside The Closet

A.)    Why should you consider purchasing a closet system?

1.      Closet systems help you stay organized

2.      Closets save you money (you are not replacing things you already own)

3.      A well-organized closet will help you save time by allowing you to find everything with ease

4.      These organizational systems give you between 25% - 50% more storage in the same space

5.      Our closets adjust to fit your ever-changing needs

B.)    Can I even afford a closet system?

One common misconception about closet systems is that they are only for the very wealthy.  At Accent Cabinets, we work with our clients to provide the options you need at prices you can afford.

1.      Closet systems come in all different shapes and sizes

2.      They are made out of all different materials

3.      They come in an array of different finishes

4.      There are a variety of optional add-ons available, depending on your wants and need

C.)    How can a professional help me with my custom closet?

First, ask yourself…What would I like to accomplish?  How would organization affect my life?  Remember, the goal is to create more space for the things you use!

1.      Professionals will help you lay out your new closet effectively and efficiently

2.      They will help you navigate through an array of organizational accessories to help you find the ones you want/need that are within your budget

3.      Experienced designers are familiar with closet functionality, and they can help you bring your ideas to life

4.      A professional will make material and finish suggestions that will aid you in getting the closet you want in the budget you have to work with

D.)   The following are some steps you can take to prepare for your closet consultation with a professional:

1.      Create a category of like things you use daily, things for special occasions, things to pitch, and things to sell or donate

2.      Only keep clothes in your closet that fit!  Anything that doesn’t fit goes in a different closet or storage box with a date.  Make a determination as to when that box gets donated or thrown away – 6 months, 1 year, 2 years – KEEP ONLY THINGS THAT FIT IN YOUR CLOSET

3.      Shoes and handbags that are damaged or out of style should be boxed and dated, if 1 year from now you haven’t looked at them, get rid of them by donating them or throwing them away

4.      Boxes, drawers, baskets, and hangers are all tools to help you stay organized

5.      Anything in your closet that is non-clothing related DOES NOT BELONG IN YOUR CLOSET

6.      Remember, the goal is to shop daily in your closet for what to wear – everything should be in sight and like items are to be grouped togethe