Consider This Before Your Next Project....

When deciding to begin a renovation/remodel project, there are some very important things to consider…

1.      Do I have a specific vision I am trying to achieve?  How “hands-on” do I want to be with my project?  Do I have the time to oversee and coordinate the project?  Do I have the knowledge to do so?  Do I have specific subcontractors in mind for each trade?  All of these are great questions to ask yourself when deciding on how to go about your project.

2.      Does my designer compliment the particular style I am going for, or do we clash?  From time to time, people will take on clients whose tastes clash with their own.  After speaking with a well-respected interior designer from Dallas, it was brought to my attention that different designers are better suited to work with certain types of clients.  When you are working towards a very contemporary look, you do not want a designer who specializes in the traditional.  Similarly, if you want a traditional look, you do not want a designer who always tries to push the design “envelope.”  When you are selecting a designer, I recommend “interviewing” your potential designer to ensure that their styles, tastes, and overall experience fall in line with your own.  A designer who works with you to achieve your vision is the quickest way towards successfully completing your project.

3.      Do I want to hire a general contractor?  Many homeowners assume that their designer, or possibly one of their subcontractors, will coordinate their project.  9 times out of 10, this is not the case.  It is a lot of work to ensure the plumber, electrician, cabinet maker/installer, countertop guy, floor guy, painters, etc. are all working in sync with each other.  This is assuming that someone has even contracted out these different trades for your project.  I highly recommend asking your designer if they provide general contracting services or have someone they could recommend.  While it will cost a little more upfront, the time and money saved through efficient coordination of your project will be well worth it, as well as save you a multitude of headaches. 

Just remember this little equation, and everything will be to your expectations:

Great Design + Quality Subcontractors + Effective Coordination = A Beautiful End Result

Thank you for taking the time to read, I hope this helps you when you decide to begin your next home project.


Ben Alexander